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iSeek The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri

May 2, 2012

In the diocesan cycle we pray for Episcopal Church of the Ascension, St. Louis (1890) and Marc, their Priest
In our companion diocese of Lui we pray for the Companion Diocese Relationship Committee and Evelyn, chairperson.


Province V Synod in Chicago

What it is. The Episcopal Church has nine "associations of dioceses" known as provinces, and Missouri is in Province V. The synod meets at least once each triennium, at a time in the same year of, but prior to, General Convention. The synod's April 24, 2012 meeting included election of officers (Bishop Wayne was the vice-president and continues on for another term), budget review and several "ministry moments' similar to our convention's Diocesan Council vignettes, that explained provincial ministry networks to the gathered.

70% of the province's budget comes from the 15 dioceses, and the province intends to support dioceses in their work, "particularly in those areas that because of economies of scale they are not able to do as well or at all by themselves."* The 13 ministry networks which Province V currently supports are: Campus Ministry, Christian Formation/Education, Church Periodical Club, Communicators, Companions in Mission, Congregational Development, Episcopal Church Women, Episcopal Relief and Development, Health Ministries, Ministry Development, Peace and Justice, United Thank Offering, and Youth Minister's Network. Each of these ministries has an area coordinator and some budget.

Success stories. Of particular health in the life of the province are the campus and youth minister networks. YM network chair Genevieve Callard had one of the best lines of the day, "Young people are not best kept in the church basement eating pizza. This is an experiment we tried in the 80s and 90s that didn't work.--The church needs to do a better job creating mature Christians." The youth ministry network maintains a page of resources and also offered another website to explore: Study of Exemplary Congregations in Youth Ministry (EYM). "It's always been strong," Joe Chambers, diocesan priest and chaplain at Rockwell House, Washington University in St. Louis, said of the provincial campus ministry network. There are two yearly gatherings, the chaplains meet in the fall and there is a student gathering in the spring. CM chaplains also meet in the summer at a national conference--now called into question with the proposed budget which severely cuts funding for campus and youth ministry. The provincial chaplains have been talking on the phone every couple of weeks since the budget came out to discuss possible ways to address the proposed cuts.

Imagining a divine community. Presiding Bishop Katharine welcomed the deputations to imagine how the church and its structures might change. She outlined just a few of the radical cultural and technological changes in the past decade and added "even with all of the changes in this life, many people expect that the church is the one place that doesn't change." Change in the church and the world can be disorienting, and for some it creates anxiety. "God is still creating," she continued. The church is experiencing growth in unexpected places, such as immigrant communities. New occasions create new opportunities, not just on Sunday mornings, not just in church buildings. "We have to learn to turn outward. If the living water is hoarded, it turns to death." Current church structure and measurements focus on inward tallies, like numbers of members in pews on Sundays. "How do we measure not what we take in, but what we give away?"

The bishop spoke about the impossibility of governance by either complete freedom or complete structure, but how living gracefully in their balanced tension was vital. She also spoke about our binary approach to voting that creates winners and losers at each turn. "There are other democratic ways of decision making," she continued, "more than simple up or down votes-- community decision making based on discernment, prayer, conversation." The Moravian church, for example, uses a consensus model in governance. The bishop noted the world is moving to a less linear conversation and invited us to imagine a divine leadership community where "all the baptized are gifted, sent into the world as God's own."

"Local communities of Godly intent, networked, to change the world--this is how the church got its start. Crowd sourcing the Holy Spirit. If we want to save the life of this church, we're going to have to lose it, to let go of our idols and turn to God."

Questions and conversation followed. Bishop Katharine had begun and woven the image of our dance with the Holy Spirit through her talk. One deputy said bluntly, but what if we don't dance? She introduced an alternate image of upwelling as a different kind of "dance": the change in direction of air current that pulls up from the depths the cold and nutritious water."A different kind of dance of water and breath."

On to General Convention. Wednesday morning was filled with orientation to general convention and a presentation by Bonnie Anderson and Gregory Straub, president and secretary, respectively, of the House of Deputies. Provincial by-laws allow voting at synod by bishop diocesan and three members of the deputation (one clergy and two lay) from each of the 15 dioceses. Attending from Missouri, in addition to Bishop Wayne, were Lisa Fox (L4), Doris Westfall (C3), and Kathryn Dyer (L1). Fox and Dyer are parishioners from Grace-Jefferson City and St. Tim's-Creve Coeur, and Westfall is rector of St. Matthew's-Warson Woods. (The parens indicates either L for lay or C for clergy, and order deputies by some formula of votes received at diocesan convention. This becomes important if one of the deputies is unable to attend or vote, the alternates 5, 6, etc. would fill in.)

Deputy Lisa Fox has just posted several reflections of provincial synod on the deputation's blog: And we've added a new widget to their blog, so that you can receive emails with new material as it is posted.


Camp Phoenix: scholarship application by May 15

Camp Phoenix, residential summer camp for Episcopalian youth ages 8-15 will be held this year from Sunday, July 29 to Saturday, August 4. Trained counselors, volunteers, and clergy of the diocese staff the camp. In addition to opportunities for worship, reflection and discussion, activities include: canoeing; horseback riding; archery; campfires; and all-camp games.

The fee for Camp Phoenix is $325. Scholarships are available if applied for by May 15. You've seen that statement before but it needs to be underlined. Camp Phoenix is serious about no child being turned away because of lack of money. Many parishes and youth groups have already been working on fundraising for scholarships, notably Transfiguration.


Jake Owensby, bishop-elect of Diocese of Western Louisiana

Former rector of Emmanuel Church in Webster Groves and at the time of his election, dean of St. Mark's Cathedral in Shreveport, Jacob Owensby has been elected, pending majority of consents of dioceses, to be the next bishop of Western Louisiana, the diocese in which he now works and resides. Because the election happened within 120 days of General Convention, the consent process will not include the standing committees of the dioceses, but will require consent of the House of Deputies and a majority of bishops with jurisdiction.

In an interview with ENS Owensby said, "Joy, excitement, and anticipation have me a little tongue-tied right now.  But I can say that my first and most important job is to love the people of this Diocese and to help them grow in their witness to the extravagant love of God in Jesus Christ."


A new chapter for COGS

The people overflowing the sanctuary of Church of the Good Shepherd spilled into the the hallway which spilled into the parish hall as church members and diocesan friends and clergy gathered to celebrate the renewed ministry of COGS and new rector Pamela Dolan.

Rector emeritus John Musgrave preached the sermon, beginning with an exhortation to the new rector to "allow yourself to be surprised and delighted"-- advice he had received as he was discerning his own call to ministry.

He described Dolan as a priest of great skills and gifts, and the congregation as very special. In 2004, a number of members left COGS and the Episcopal Church, and aligned themselves with the Anglican Province of Rwanda. "Even though this congregation dwindled to 15," said Musgrave, "the last word about COGS was not going to be division."

Musgrave shared the story of a low moment for him, and a running friend said, maybe you need God. The friend, an Episcopalian, sat down over coffee and told of his own faith journey. And the next day he picked up Musgrave and took him to church. "We live in a world that is desperate to hear about that love of God, to hear our faith stories," said Musgrave. "We are called to tell our stories, be communities that share our person at a time is the way that God will save the world."

There were several Hawaiian touches for this new rector who grew up in Micronesia and Hawaii. One of her gifts during the service was a flower lei, and a haku lei (woven leaves and flowers) that was worn as a headpiece. The reception included hula dance by Dori Neumeier and a City Voices quartet singing folk music. Dolan is seen in this photograph with another diocesan priest who grew up in Hawaii, Beverly Van Horne.

The congregation plans a large luau on the church yard on June 9, details to follow on their website: .

Short video of the rector's blessing.
More photos on flickr. More about the new rector and COGS.


Dreams of Church by Young Adults: a short video clip project

Young adults between the ages of 18 to 30 are invited to create 60-90 second video clips which "Describe the religious community or church of your dreams, and how you will participate in it." Submitted video clips will be shown in the House of Deputies at General Convention 2012, and also be online at

Dreams of Church is a video project being launched on behalf of the House of Deputies by Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies, Sean McConnell, House of Deputies Technology Consultant, and Lydia Kelsey Bucklin, PHOD Special Projects Manager.

Guidelines for participation
 Young adults, between ages 18-30.
 Members of all denominations and faiths are welcome to participate.
 Participants are encouraged to speak in their preferred language (we will provide translation for future use, if necessary).
 Creativity is welcome, including original poetry, music, art, and personal testimonies.
 Use a tripod to maintain a still shot during filming, if possible
 Audio should be clear, with no background noise or music
 Begin the video with: Name; Age; Diocese or state of residence; Whether you are Episcopalian or not. If not, what is your religious affiliation, if any.
To share videos
1. Go to and click on "Join Vimeo."
2. After you join, go to and click on the "Join this group" button.
3. Upload a video to your account.
4. Click on the button under your video that says "+Add to..." then check the box that says "General Convention House of Deputies."

Filming at General Convention will also be available. Times and locations will be announced by Lydia Kelsey Bucklin in the House of Deputies, on Facebook, and in other social media outlets. For more information contact Lydia Bucklin at

Flyer to hang on your parish bulletin board. Or be radical...share across denominational lines.


Jonathan Stratton to be ordained to the transitional diaconate

By the Grace of God and with the Consent of the People
The Right Reverend George Wayne Smith
Bishop of Missouri
will ordain Jonathan R. Stratton
to the Sacred Order of Deacons
in Christ's one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
at six o'clock in the evening at Christ Church Cathedral.
Your Prayers and Presence are Joyfully Requested.
Clergy: Red Stoles


The Blue Book and hidden treasures

Yes, it's a large tome at close to 800 pages. Yes, it repeats itself with variations of resolutions submitted from various dioceses and committees. But the triennial release of the Blue Book is also a glimpse into the findings of the working groups in this church.

The Blue Book is now available online. Our deputation has the tradition of dividing the contents up, studying, then coming back together to discuss together the proposed legislation from all corners of the church. And at the June Listening sessions in Creve Coeur, Farmington, and Columbia, you'll be able to talk with deputation members about the contents

Each year parishes in every diocese fill out a "parochial report"--members, baptisms, confirmations, how many folks show up on an average Sunday, and much other information. Those numbers are tallied and presented online for everyone to see, but also analyzed to help us understand who is this group of just under 2 million members. On pages 59-91 is the report from the House of Deputies State of the Church committee. If you are at all interested in history, demographics, and understanding who "we" are, it's an interesting read, filled with take-aways like:

The advanced--and still advancing--age of the Church's membership, combined with a low birth rate, means that the Church loses the equivalent of one diocese per year through deaths over births. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and even into the 1990s, the Church gained more adult members than lost through persons changing denominations (particularly former Roman Catholics). In the fairly recent past, more people joined The Episcopal Church than left it, making up most, but not all, of the natural decline among participating adult members until recently. That is no longer
the case.

As this iSeek is WAY too long, we'll continue looking at upcoming GC issues in the weeks to come. The Blue Book also contains the tremendous amount of work the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music has done since 2009, much of which now travels to convention's cognate committee on Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music (Bishop Wayne is the chair of the bishops' side of that joint committee).



The Keller Fund for Mission of the Diocese of Arkansas is now
accepting applications for grants to fund mission outreach projects.
Grants are typically for less than $4,000, with half of the grants going
to projects within the Diocese of Arkansas, and half to projects
outside the Diocese. Priority is given to requests for assistance in
the initiation of new programs. Each proposal will be evaluated for
its innovative educational nature, realistic goals, reasonable budget,
and project activities which include involvement in the mission of
the Episcopal Church. Please request an application form from Beth
Matthews (; 501-372-2168, ext. 2022). Applications
must be received no later than June 15.

Mercy Mobile Mammography unit at Church of the Good Shepherd, 1166 S. Mason Road, Town & Country, MO 63131 on Saturday, May 19. The actual screening takes just 15 minutes and is performed by registered female technologists from Mercy Breast Center. Please call 314-251-6300 for more information and scheduling. If you do not have health insurance, please call 314-251-6400 to see if you qualify for Mercy's special program funded by Susan G. Komen for a Cure and Show Me Healthy Women.

Deacon Susan Naylor is back from Lui Sudan and pilgrims from the recent trip have been adding pictures and reflections to the LuiNetwork blog. This weekend is the appointment for US Visas in Nairobi for Gordon, Margaret, Veronica and Noel. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and make their cases to visit Missouri. If all works out they will be arriving in mid-May and staying through June.

West End Word article: "Before they [New City School] started the garden, [retired professor Arthur] Culbert decided to donate the bounty to Trinity's Food Ministry, just a few blocks away. First, he visited the pantry to ask the clients what foods they would like. That's how the garden came to include okra and collards, vegetables he may not have thought about otherwise. On the other hand, Culbert found that the clients grew to like arugula, although some of them had been unfamiliar with it before, he said."

Sometimes the best laid plans don't work. Your editor had hoped to send last Wednesday's iSeek out from the synod in Chicago. A battle royale between the hotel wifi and the office VPN made short work of that idea. Instead, thank you for your patience with an overly long, combined issue...and we should be back to a normal distribution pattern now.

Diocesan Council announces that information about applying for the 2012 New Ventures in Community Ministries Grants is now available. The grant awards range from $2,500 to $15,000 this year. These grants exist to "inspire congregations to dare great things for God by developing new ministries in response to changing social needs throughout the diocese." In addition to parishes and missions, agencies and other diocesan committees and commissions are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration. Abstracts are due June 1, 2012. The complete announcement and timeline are available online.

+ Province V synod
+ Camp Phoenix-May 15
+ Owensby bishop-elect of W.LA
+ New chapter for COGS
+ Dreams of Church-video project for youth
+ Stratton ordination
+ Blue Book and you
+ Newsline

Sun, May 6 Visitation to Christ Church Cathedral-St. Louis

Sun, May 13 Visitation to St. Martin's Church-Ellisville

Sat, May 19, 10:00 am, Confirmations at Christ Church Cathedral

Sun, May 20 Visitation to St. Peter's Church-Ladue


The Diocese of Missouri Deputation has scheduled three listening sessions around the diocese in June for members to hear about upcoming legislation at General Convention and share their opinions and concerns. Several deputation members will be at each session.

METRO St. Timothy’s – Creve Coeur on Saturday, June 16, 2012 from 10 to 11:30 AM

WEST Calvary – Columbia on Saturday, June 16, 2012 from 10:30 AM to Noon

SOUTH All Saints–Farmington on Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 10 to 11:30 AM

General Convention will be the topic of a live webcast on Wednesday, May 9 at Noon, central time. The webcast, originating from Indianapolis, can be accessed live or on demand at

Participants in the live webcast will be: Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori; President of the House of Deputies Bonnie Anderson; Executive Officer and Secretary of the General Convention, the Rev. Gregory Straub; and Bishop Catherine Waynick of the Diocese of Indianapolis, the host diocese.

After General Convention, the deputation will offer one or more reporting sessions. If your congregation would like to host the reporting session, please contact the deputation at

The deputation's blog is at:

Life of the Diocese

Wed, May 2, 6:00 PM 12-Step Eucharist at Church of the Ascension 4520 Lucas and Hunt Rd., St. Louis, MO 63121.

Thu, May 3, Clergy Day - St. Martin's Ellisville

Sat, May 5, 10:00 AM Kemper Convocation Meeting at Erin's Coffee Shoppe

Sat, May 5, 7:00 PM The Shepley Concerts at Christ Church Cathedral present Collegium Vocale: Tis Nature's Voice': An Evening of 17th Century English Song. Free.

Thu, May 10 Fresh Start, Holy Communion

Sun, May 13, 2:30 PM Mothers' Day Concert - Piano Four-Hands featuring Annette Burkhart and Jennifer Lim Judd, at Christ Church Cathedral.

Sat, May 19, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM Mercy Digital Mammography Van will visit
Mercy Digital Mammography Van at Church of the Good Shepherd. To schedule an appointment or for further details call Katy Wood at 314-251-6933 x27768.

Sun, May 20 7:00 PM Compline Service Compline Service, Poetry and Prose, Meditation and Music, Community and Quiet. Join us for dinner afterward at a CWE restaurant. Trinity Episcopal Church, 600 N. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.

Tue, May 22 3:30 PM Standing Committee, St. Martin's, Ellisville

Sun, May 27 5:00 PM Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral.

Mon, May 28 Offices of the Bishop closed for Memorial Day

More events listed online.
Send your parish events for inclusion via this online form

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Mission St. Clare
Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) using the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (NRSV):;
The Book of Common Prayer includes downloadable and smart phone versions.
Oremus Bible Resource includes comparisons of versions including the NRSV.
Holy Women, Holy Men is now downloadable in entirety as a PDF, and still available as a daily blog from the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.

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+ Province V synod
+ Camp Phoenix-May 15
+ Owensby bishop-elect of W.LA
+ New chapter for COGS
+ Dreams of Church-video project for youth
+ Stratton ordination
+ Blue Book and you
+ Newsline

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